Your Business Is Probably Like Most, Built On Referrals & Word of Mouth. 

But instead of your happy customer telling a few people offline how great your business is, help them tell the hundreds or thousands of people seeing you on Google each month. 


We can show you how many people are searching for your business on Google each month.
Both by business name and category search.

Why Are Online Reviews So Important To Your Business?

Consider these facts as cited by

Your Business: Reputation Goes Digital

How important is the reputation of your business to you? The answer is of course very obvious. Every business, no matter the industry or how big or small, is dependant on their word of mouth customers which is fueled by your reputation. Most businesses have a great reputation offline but struggle with getting a consistent stream of 5 star reviews online. 

But when doing a search online a lot of businesses have either no google reviews, a few google reviews, old & out-dated reviews or for some they are stuck with a couple bad google or facebook reviews that they can't get rid of.

What Do Your Google Reviews Look Like?

I Can't Believe Someone Gave Us A Bad Review!

The problem business owners have is how to take back some control of their online reputation. What does this really mean? Well it means how does a business stop a potentially harmfull review from showing up on google? How does a business make it easy and simple for their happy customers to write a positve review on google or facebook?

Reviewmenow was created to solve this problem business owners were facing. 

What Does Google Think About Reviews?

"Google review count and score are factored into local search ranking"
- source Google

Google wants to remain the best search engine in the world and they look to the opinion of local consumers through reviews to decide which businesses to show in a search (Social Trust). It's not 100% by any means, but businesses with a steady stream of positve reviews get preference. Google also recommends that business owner respond to reviews, both good and bad. 

Reviewmenow - Realtor Case Study


"I knew I had made the right move when I started getting new reviews right away and clients were mentioning the new reviews they read on Google."  - Jody Miller, Remax Kelowna

Reviewmenow - Flooring Store Case Study


"We have had clients who walked into our store and said they are here because of our Google Reviews. Thank you Reviewmenow!" -
Peter & Rebecca, Kelowna Floors

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If Your Business Has No Reviews, Negative Or Old Reviews. We Can Help.

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