Your Business Is Probably Like Most, Built On Referrals & Word of Mouth.

But instead of your happy customer telling a few people offline how great your business is, make it easy for them tell the hundreds or thousands of people seeing you on Google & Facebook each month.

Who We Are

Thanks for stopping by! At Review Me Now we provide an easy & automated solution to building & maintaining your online reviews.

Our Personalized feedback system allows your happy customers to easily post 5 star reviews online.

What about negative reviews? Not to worry we have that covered as well. With our feedback system, any negative feedback will come directly to you by email instead of being posted online! This gives you the opportunity instantly to reach out to that customer to find out exactly what went wrong and have the chance to rectify it.

Ask yourself….Does your business?

1.  Have little to no reviews and are having trouble getting reviews
2.  Ask your clients for reviews but they never do them
3.  Have negative reviews and a low star rating on Google and want to change that
4.  Have a good amount of reviews but feel you are missing out on the potential for more 5 star reviews
5.  Have an problem getting reviews on a consistent basis (weekly, monthly)

If you have answered yes to any one of the questions above then we may be a great fit for your business.

You May be saying to yourself … “ I’m interested in finding our more, but who are these guys & how does it work?”

I could bore with you with a bunch of content and graphs on here but that is not going to show you the real value of what we do so let’s get straight to it! Below are 2 videos that explain everything.

To turn on subtitles click the cc button when the video starts. 

How It Works Live Demo

This video (11:25) will show you exactly how your personalized review system would work from start to finish and how easy it is and automated it is. It will also show you how easy it is for your customers to leave 5 star reviews and how you can have negative feedback come back to you instead of being posted online.

If you want to learn more about the impact of reviews you can watch the 2nd video below.


Your Google Page & Impact of Reviews

This last video (12:53) will show you the importance of consistent 5 star reviews for your business and how customers are being influenced by reviews before they contact a business. It also educates you on how many people are seeing your Google business page and how many people every month are seeing your reviews. 


The Impact of Online Reviews



I knew I had made the right move when I started getting new reviews right away and clients were mentioning the new reviews they read on Google." - Jody Miller, Remax Kelowna


"We have had clients who walked into our store and said they are here because of our Google Reviews." -
Peter & Rebecca, Kelowna Floors

Interested? If you are I am sure you would like to know how much it costs!
You might be thinking, "this program must be expensive!" The good news is, it's not.

We have programs starting as low as $39 per month

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