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Marketing Options Targeting Your Buyer

Each platform that We market on provides detailed stats on how Your campaign is performing.

We can track views, clicks and ad spend.

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Your Customers Are Looking Online

We market to where where it matters; and that’s online platforms like Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram & thousands of apps people use on a daily basis for personal or business use.

We will put your business in front of your customers everyday, tracking how many times your ads are viewed and clicked on.

Reputation: learn more about our review platform.


Google/Youtube Ad

  • Target customers searching on Google (includes geo-targeting)

  • Video ad on Youtube (includes geo-targeting)

  • First page positioning on Google for search phrases related to your industry

    Expected Clicks on Ads From Potential Buyers: 150-200/month (minimum)

  • We have 20+ years experience running PPC campaigns (Google Adwords)


Facebook/Instagram Ad Campaign

  • Target Buyers using Facebook/Instagram (includes geo-targeting)

  • Pixel Remarketing

  • Audience Profiling

  • Demographic Targeting

Expected Clicks on Ads From Potential Buyers: 200-300/month

View Example ad. See 30 Day Stats Example From Kelowna Realtor Advertising to Vancouver Buyers


Facebook/Instagram Posting

  • Two Posts Per Week on Facebook/Instagram

  • Includes hashtags to target your buyers

  • Includes following popular local online profiles



  • Proximity marketing based on location zones

  • Like a mobile billboard for your business

  • Targeting physical areas like malls, arena’s, the airport, your competition or areas of city.

  • Includes marketing to your customers for 30 days after they leave a zone

Why Geofencing?

GeoFence Display pinpoints the right audience for your business with the most advanced location-based targeting technology and reaches them on their mobile devices, wherever they go.

• Smartphone users spend 30 hours per month using apps

• 87% millennials have their smartphone on them at all times

• 69% of digital media usage occurs on smartphones and tablets

Average CPM = $8 (cost per 1,000 views of your ad)


Everything In One Package

  • Get it all for one monthly price

  • Build trust & expand your brand with your target buyers

  • Be in front of your customers everyday on all major online media

Video = Customer Engagement

Explainor Video

Example Video

  • Highest client engagement rate is with Video

  • Explain a “Why”

  • Explain a “How”

  • Create an emotional connection to your business

  • Use in Youtube Campaign