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Your online reputation is worth investing in.


Here’s How It Works:

1. Send your happy customers or friends an email or text follow up with a link. We also provide feedback cards! Ask if they would take a moment to complete a review of your service and/or professionalism.

2. They choose a 1-5 star rating and they write about you or their experience.

3. If they rate you a four or five star, the review gets posted right away to Google/Facebook.

4. If they rate you a 1 to 3 star, the review goes straight to only you for review - and relationship rebuilding! It does not go online. This is critical since it preserves your online reputation. It also greatly benefits you to find out where the sore spots are for your customers so you can improve your service and do a better job next time!

It’s pretty much as simple as that. Here is a cool video though that explains more! 
Click here to watch the two minute video

Just fill out the form below to get more information or to sign up today. Feel free to cruise the website here for more info on the importance of reviews and on setting up your Google Business page. We can help!

Here is an example of the "Thank You Email" & "Feedback Cards" to give to your clients:

  • Feedback Cards (you start with 250)
  • One Click Review Request by Email
  • One Click Review Request by Text Message

Click the images on the right to see Email/Review card examples. 

Here is an example Reviewmenow Portal Page:

Our regular price is $89 per month but, because you are friends with Steph Gilchrist, we are offering you a special discount rate, available through this link only! If you have any questions give us a quick call or you can reach out to Stephanie at 250-878-5260.

Reviewmenow Pricing

Regular Price $89/month

(No Setup)

  • Custom Reviewmenow Portal Page
  • Unlimited Thank You Email Requests
  • 250 Monthly Thank You Text Message Requests
  • 250 Feedback Cards
  • Real-Time Feed of Your Google Reviews to Your Website
  • Free Tips on Responding to Reviews
  • Free Tips on Google Posts
  • Free Tips on How To Improve Your Ranking on Google
  • $30/month for Additional Locations
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Need more information? Take a look around the site. Click here to learn the importance of reviews which includes a preview video showing how our program works.

To find this deal again, you’ll have to follow the original link Steph sent you. Have questions before signing up? We would be happy to answer them!