Why Online Reviews Are So Important

A positive reputation is one of the most powerful marketing assets a business has to convince new customers to contact them. The social proof contained within reviews and star ratings helps consumers short cut their research and make decisions faster and with greater confidence than ever before.


When a business owner chooses to sign up for the reviewmenow.com program, it's usually because of one or all of the following three reasons:

  • Securing Referrals (make sure your word-of-mouth and referral customers call you when they Google your name)
  • Securing Advertising Spend (when you spend money on advertising, make sure they call you when they google your name)
  • Securing & Improving Ranking on Google (google states that review count and score factor into local search ranking)

Each reason stems from the fact that people use Google to look for a business either because they were referred or saw an ad and now want to research that business. Google tends to rank business pages higher and we have seen business owners move to the 1st page of Google after getting a consistent stream of positive Google reviews.. 


The findings of this survey are specifically concerned with reviews for local business services and not general product reviews.

You will see the question asked and the result of the question based on the trust and influence of online reviews. 

  1. Do you read online reviews to determine whether a local business is good or bad?
  • 92% of consumers regularly or occasionally read online reviews
  • Only 9% of consumers don’t read online reviews

2. For a local business, how recent does an online review need to be to impact  your decisions?

  • 73% of consumers think that reviews older than 2-3 months aren’t relevant
  • 22% of consumers will only consider reviews written in the last 2 weeks

3.      When judging a local business on its reviews, which of these factors do you pay most attention to?

  • 58% of consumers pay most attention to overall star rating
  • Sentiment of reviews is the second most important factor at 47%
  • The recency of reviews is also important, coming in third at 41%

4.      How do online customer reviews affect your opinion of a local business?

  • 74% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more 
  • 60% say that negative reviews make them not want to use a business
  • Only 5% said they don’t pay attention to reviews

5.      Do you trust online customer reviews as much as personal recommendations?

  • 84% people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation
  • 16% of people said they don’t trust online reviews
  • Authenticity of reviews is the most important factor for consumers to trust the reviews they read

6.      When you read positive reviews for a business, what is the typical next step you take?

  • 54% of people will visit the website after reading positive reviews
  • 19% will visit the business directly

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