Positive Reviews Increase Sales



How Good Reviews Can Increase Your Sales

Did you know that customers are willing to pay 31% more for a service after reading a positive review? Businesses truly need to get positive reviews, particularly online, in order to increase their sales. Don’t believe us?

Think about it- you’re at home one day and everything seems to be going fine until you hear a strange sound from the bathroom and look in to notice that your toilet is overflowing! Your toddler is standing next to it, boasting with pride at trying to flush his new toy and you panic. You try to use the plunger, but the toilet is overflowing rapidly and nothing you try seems to be able to stop it. And to top it all off? You have friends coming over in an hour! You haven’t had a plumbing emergency before so you aren’t sure who to call. You rush to your computer, log onto yelp and enter a search for a plumber in your city. There are pages upon pages of reviews but you look at the first two and see completely different reviews.

Review #1: I picked this plumber because he had decent reviews and was inexpensive. However, he showed up half an hour late and was generally unprofessional. He did an okay job, but it definitely wasn’t worth the money. I won’t be skimping on plumbing services again! (2.5 stars)

Review #2: This plumber was fantastic! He showed up on time and got straight to work! He finished quickly, which made me suspicious at first, but after inspecting his work, I was pleasantly surprised. Everything is running smoothly now! (5 stars)

Be honest- which review would you pick? We’re willing to bet it’s the second one. And customers think the same way! Why pay for a service when you know that there’s a possibility that it won’t be done up to your standards? Most people would rather pay a bit more for a high quality service to be delivered. Positive reviews can greatly impact the success of your business. Not only would the person in the above scenario probably use the plumber from review two, if they are satisfied with his work, they will most likely call him again when they have a plumbing problem. They are also more likely to tell their friends and family about their experience and recommend him.

However, there are so many reasons why it is crucial for your business to get google reviews. Here are just a few of them:

  • 92% of customers read online reviews prior to visiting the business
  • 84% of customers trust online reviews and personal recommendations the same amount
  • The majority of customers trust a business after reading just 4-6 recent positive reviews
  • 80% of customers take action after reading positive review

Now do you see how important it is to the success of your business for you to get positive reviews? Positive reviews allow your business to make more money per sale, make more sales overall and build up a regular clientele. It’s not difficult to get positive reviews, either! Reviewmenow can make gaining positive reviews online an easy and stress-free process for any business.