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What Does Google Really Think Of Your Reviews?

We already know Google Reviews play an important role for both you and your business, but let's review the facts!


  1. Keeping your reviews current is crucial for keeping your product and services relevant to potential consumers.


  2. 92% of consumers look online for google reviews BEFORE visiting a local shop.


  3. 84% of people trust google reviews just as much as personal recommendation from a close friend or relative.


  4. 80% of consumers will click call or visit a business after reading current positive reviews


So, there you have it. Google Reviews are clearly a lifeline for you, and should definitely be a top priority, but what does Google itself think of your reviews, and just how much impact does it really have in relation to your reputation with Google search engines?


Let's explore that!

When was the last time you googled your business to see where it comes up? If you haven't recently, we strongly suggest you do!

Pro Tip: Do this from a device you never use because the Google puts Einstein to shame, and knows you want to see your own business. We want to see what everyday people see!

Did your business show up on the top of the list? How about the first page?

If it didn't, you're probably feeling a little down at the moment. Getting to the top isn't always easy, but go ahead and let the moment pass, because we are about to give you some information to help rise you to the top!


"Google review count and score are factored into local search ranking"- Google

Google wants to be the best search engine the world has to offer, and they aren't about to let Bing get in the remember them, right?

In order to stay on top, Google needs to be constantly providing consumers with the best location that match their search description. After all, you would never trust Google again if they sent you to the worst Chinese Restaurant in town that time your in-laws came to town and you scrambled to find the best local take out!

Like your consumers, Google trusts the people of the internet to let them know who should rank supreme. This method isn't always full proof, and you will always have some unjust negative reviews out their bumping your score down. That is why a steady stream of great Google Reviews are the most valuable tool for your business!

While Google Reviews are probably the best way to climb your way up the web latter, there are a few other tools you can use so that Google will notice you.

  • Update your website regularly
  • Verify your business with Google Business Pages
  • Provide new content through blog articles, and
  • Remember to use your keywords!
verify your buisness.png

Google makes it even easier to find out what your customers are looking for by tracking how often your business is being found via related search phrases or direct business lookup!

Want to learn more about handling a negative google review and turning it into a positive? Click here to read more!

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Google Reviews Make People Notice and Connect With Your Business

It's no secret.

You probably already know Google reviews get your business seen, and without them, your business can easily become invisible to thousands of potential clients daily. However, what you may not realize is just how important google reviews are for client accessibility too! Google reviews can act like a gateway, guiding customers straight to your door in a way that other paid advertisements simply do not.

In fact, did you know that 80% of people will click, call or visit a business AFTER reading a positive google reviews? It's true!

People today are busier than ever, and with their chaotic lives, what your customers crave most are EASY SOLUTIONS! Your business' customers don't have the time or the patience to be scrolling through multiple web pages to find the information they are looking for. Luckily, Google works for you and them, making it easy for them to find, explore, and connect with you, all in one place- Google Reviews.

floor easy call.png


Let's say, you are looking to renovate your home, and it is time to upgrade those floors! You google "local flooring specialist", and google gives you a convenient list. Google gives you pages of listings, actually... Do you scroll through pages 2-5? Probably not! In fact, you probably won't scroll past the first 5 listings, let alone 5 pages. Your eyes instinctively scan the page for the highest rated businesses, and you begin to check them out. The first one looks great, but you have to click their website, scroll down to contact, copy and paste the number, and then call them. Not that hard, but it's definitely more work than you want to do at the moment. The next one is just as good, and someone left an excellent 5 star google review yesterday! Perfect, you can see that they are located about 20 minutes away, and their number is linked right there for easy accessibility. You click the blue highlighted number, and your phone instantly connects you their friendly staff. You now have your floors scheduled, and they just landed themselves another client! Too bad the other, equally as good business missed out! Make sure you and your business is seen and accessible!


How do you get seen and connected?

  1.  Keep your google reviews high and consistent (google will automatically move and keep you towards the top of the list).
  2.  Keep your contact and business information updated at all times
  3.  Respond positively to all Google Reviews- good and bad!
  4.  Keep active on your Facebook and websites by updating pictures, posting blogs, and adding new content. 

Google also makes it easy for business owners like you to track your success throughout the month by using your Google Business Page Insights! Here you can review how many customers called, requested directions, viewed your website, or tried to connect with you via chat. What call of action do you think is most beneficial for your business clients?

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How To Deal With Negative Google Reviews

OUCH! You're scrolling through your online reviews when you see it. You were on such a great streak, but there it is. A negative google review...

You take pride in your business, so this really hits you where it hurts. Wait a minute... you don't remember this guy! In fact, you don't think you've ever heard of him, let alone had him as a client!

Your blood begins to boil as you read the slander he wrote about you. He talks about bad customer service, terrible products, and how he would give you no stars if it were an option. You raise your adrenaline shaking hands to the keyboard, and you prepare to give this guy a piece of your mind. STOP! Don't over react, and don't let your rage get the best of you!

punch computer.jpg

I know you're angry, and you have the right to be, but let's think about this logically. By going completely ballistic on this guy, you may get your point across, but at what cost? You risk the chance of turning off future clientele, and you DON'T want to do that!

So, what's next? Do you tell Google to take down this bad review? Well, you can definitely report it, but the truth is, proving a review is fraudulent it extremely hard to do, and the likelihood of having the review removed is very low. So, now what?

Well, the good news is you have been presented with a bit of a blessing in disguise. As it turns out, Google loves businesses that respond to their reviews (all reviews) good or bad. To respond to a google review, you first need to login to your google business page:

Here comes the best part. Now, you get to show your clients just how professional and awesome you really are! When you respond, be sure to stay courteous, and express genuine concern for the lack of quality service they claim to have had. If you are 100% positive the review is false, and you feel no other choice but to address it, you can try responding with something like, “I am so sorry you had such a terrible past experience, but it doesn't seem we have had the pleasure of doing business together. It is incredibly important to me that our clients are happy at all times. So, please, reach out, so we can make sure your experience with us is a positive one!” If you aren't 100% sure it's untrue, it is better to avoid making any claims of falsity, and stick strictly to a response of sincere apology with a clear solution of how to make it better. Be sure to avoid anything that may sound sarcastic!

By responding to the review in a non aggressive way, you will show potential customers that you care for your business, and you care for them. This helps take some of the weight away from the negative review and bury the bad review with lots of positive ones!

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Next, we took a look at The Repaint Specialists' Google Reviews, and if we weren't sold before, we are now! With a fantastic review score of 4.5 stars and rising, it's easy to see their previous clients are just as impressed as we are! Upon reading the reviews, a pattern becomes clear: A consistent stream of positive feedback with many reviewers describing Randy, his business and his staff in the same ways – Professional, Reliable, and Courteous! Many clients also mention how clean and tidy they are, which is always a huge asset!

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Just How Relevant Are Your Online Reviews?

You made it!

If you have stumbled around the web and found yourself here, then we already know how passionate you are about your business; You value quality and customer satisfaction, and you take your clients' reviews to heart. Well, guess what? So do all your future potential clients!

Let me explain. It's been a long-standing fact that word of mouth is your biggest and best advertising investment, right? Well, that still rings true today, but look around. Hear anyone talking? Maybe not, but you can certainly see them! In today's digital age, everyone is making their voice!

old reviews again.png

Did you know a whopping 92% of people read online reviews before visiting a business? In fact, 84% of people trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation! That's a whole lot of trust! More importantly, it seems that google reviews reign supreme when it comes to not only trust, but online visibility!

You may be thinking to yourself, No, problem! I rank 5 stars on google reviews already, so what's the real issue here?

Consistency! The key to keeping your business trending and popular is to always have current reviews. Just how important is it? So important that 73% of your customers think a review older than 2 months is no longer relevant. That means that Joe's raving old review from 3 months ago is making zero impact on almost 75% of your potential business!

Don't believe us? Let's think about it!

women leaving review.jpg

Picture this. You're downtown on your lunch hour, and you decide you want to try something new. You instantly take out your phone and head to google. You search great local restaurants downtown. A few pop up, but right away you start examining the google reviews to find only 2 have a 5 star rating. You click on each one to examine them more. The first, shows a great review from 3 months ago: “The sandwich I ordered today was so perfect, I just had to come a leave them 5 stars! The staff was friendly, and we can't wait to be back. I HIGHLY recommend!” (5 stars)

The second restaurant, has a similar good review, but it was just posted yesterday! “I just had the most amazing lunch! Service was quick and the staff was friendly. I have definitely found my go to place!” (5 stars)

Time is running out, and you have to pick a spot fast, or you risk losing out on lunch. Let's be honest? Even though the reviews are similar, you are probably picking what's behind door # 2. Are we right?

Let's explore why that might be. Obviously, you want to be sure you have a good experience. Restaurant #1 sounds great, but why hasn't anyone left a review since? Did it get worse? Is there a new cook? Is it under new management? It could be fine, but you KNOW that people are still having 5 star experiences at restaurant #2! So, why take a chance? Thanks to google reviews, you have made up your mind, and are now sitting in restaurant #2 enjoying a fantastic lunch, and what's more, you're leaving a current 5 star review of your own.

So, be honest, is your business relevant?